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OnTheFly Jackplate - Manual

Fastest Manual Jackplate Out There...Adjusts On The Fly

*Standard Jackplate Size are in stock and ready to ship.

*Large Jackplate Sizes are currently on a lead time until March 15th. If you place an order for a Large, you will be put in line until they become available on March 15, 2024

Please call 4047203975 if you have any questions

On The Fly Jack Plates are the fastest manual jack plates on the market. Our jack plates can be raised and lowered by a manual handle while on the water within seconds from top to bottom. The biggest benefit of our jack plate is TIME because every second counts out on the water! Cut your time adjusting your manual jack plate from 20 minutes to just seconds!


  • Standard - For up to 30hp motors - 150 lb. weight limit (for motors without factory trim and tilt)
  • Large - For up to 50hp motors - 230 lb. weight limit (for all motors WITH factory trim and tilt) 


Standard & Large Available In Stock - Please allow 1 week for shipping

• Our custom manual jack mounts inside the jack plate housing
• 3 year warranty on the jack plate housing 
• 1 year warranty on the jack
• Pre-drilled for transom mounting
• Jack plate housing made in the USA

OnTheFlyJackplates Info

MAX RISE (travel): 5 1/2 inches of travel. Plus, depending on where you mount the jack you can get up to 8 inches of rise.


  • Height – 10 1/2”
  • Width (Transom Side) – 12 ½”
  • Width (Motor Side) – 13 ¼”
  • Set Back – 5” (total length from of transom side to the back of the motor slide)
  • Motor Plate Height – 12 ½”
  • Motor Mounting Plate (Inside Brackets) – 10 ¾”


  • Height – 10 1/2”
  • Width (Transom Side) – 16 1/8”
  • Width (Motor Side) – 17”
  • Set Back – 5 1/4” (total length from of transom side to the back of the motor slide)
  • Motor Plate Height – 13 3/4”

ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED: Transom mounting accessories are not included in purchase. On The Fly Jack Plates recommends

  • 4 each ½”- 3 1/2” long bolts – stainless steel
  • 4 each ½”- lock nuts – stainless steel
  • 8 each 1/2’”-flat washers – stainless steel
  • Motor Clamp Spacers


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gregory Fernandez
On The Fly Jack Plate

Incredibly fast delivery! Amazing! Great product, looking forward to getting on the flats!

Tim long
Extremely well made

I am giving this 4 stars because it fills a need I had, and the build quality is great, but are a few changes I would've made if I were to have designed it for my motor specifically. I have a 2000 Johnson 25 J25TESSD. The tiller handle is extremely close to the hand crank even with the top jack mount in the lowest mounting hole (max spacing between tiller and crank). If I had realized this interference I would have mounted my plate a bit lower on the transom, and then clamped the motor a bit higher on the engine side plate. Holes were already drilled in the boat though, thankfully it does still operate OK. The motor is just a bit higher than I wanted to even with the jack retracted all the way. Now the crank hitting the transom in the lowest position is my lower limit, cav plate just above bottom of hull. The tight spacing between tiller and jack crank makes using it on the fly almost impossible, and completely unsafe because when the crank handle is vertical it blocks the tiller from steering. I have found I am generally not using it while moving that much, mostly idling through shallow areas. My stock prop is unable to "grip" the water at anything less than fully down, so expect to modify your prop (heavy cupping) or buy a stainless cupped propeller. You wont just put this on and do what the videos show. I bought a new cupped stainless prop, but have not gotten it on the water yet. This gets me through sections on the Saint Croix that would be totally impassable otherwise. Current is too swift for rowing or a trolling motor, and this section is no wake anyways, so its serving me well so far regardless of these issues.

Laird Scott

Easy to install, made a huge difference in how my boat performs

Anthony Herbert
OnTheFly Jack Plate

Worth every penny! I used their hardware kit and spacers to save me time. It was super easy to install and it works flawlessly. I maximized my engine height and got about 8 inches out of it which was needed because I’m running a long shaft jet pump engine.

Jeff Trawick

I should hv project completed by end of July and i will know.