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Trolling Motor Tray & Dry Storage Box Combo

Trolling Motor Pedal Tray & Drop-In Storage Box

Recessed Trolling Motor Tray Built into a Waterproof Drop-In Storage or Battery Box for a complete trolling motor command center or day box solution. Especially when you have limited space on the front deck. 

Enough space to mount up to (2) Group 27 Batteries for a complete control center for trolling motor batteries. Or simple dry storage/day box.

  • Standard Depth is 12" Deep
  • Trolling Motor Tray Bottom Dimensions - 9.5" Wide x 13.5" Long
  • Can be made to Custom Sizes at 15" Minimum Width & 22" Minimum Length
  • Select "Custom" and we will contact you for specific measurements/application.
  • Made in USA - By Nate's Custom Boats & Accessories