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Railblaza E Series Cable Entry Port Base

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E Series Cable Entry Port Overview

GET RID OF CABLE HEADACHES - Keep your boat or kayak neat and tidy with the E Series Cable Entry Port! This amazing port gives you a simple, direct way to get all your cables neatly tucked away. No more struggling with elaborate wiring solutions- the E Series Cable Entry Port makes it easy!

VERSATILE MOUNTING SOLUTION - Need a cable entry point for that unique mounting project? The E Series Cable Entry Port is the answer! With its versatile design, this mount can be adapted to any electronic installation need you may have. Whether you're installing a fish finder or camera, or finding a new way to attach your mobile device, the E Series Cable Entry Port is up for the task.

MAKE INSTALLATIONS A BREEZE - Say goodbye to frustrating installation projects! The E Series Cable Entry Port makes getting your cables through tight spaces a breeze. Get access quickly and easily, with no fussing around. Make interior electronic installations headache-free with the help of the E Series Cable Entry Port!


Tired of messes and headaches when installing your electronics? Look no further than the E Series Cable Entry Port! It's the unbeatable solution that gets cables tidily through your deck, making every interior project a piece of cake. Get access made blissfully fast and conveniently...and say goodbye to fussing with intricate wiring solutions!


- Easy to install - perfect for beginners or busy professionals

- Keep cables tidy and organized for a neater appearance

- Ideal for all types of electronic mounts

- Protects your devices from water and weather damage

- Portable and easy to store when not in use

Parts Included:

1 x StarPort

1 x E Series surface mount collars

2 x flexible inserts catering for 3-7mm cables

1 x double entry insert for 2 x 6mm cables

Stainless Steel Hardware


Material Composition
UV Stabilized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

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