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Thru-Hull Brackets for 3/4" thru-hull fittings

Easy to Mount Thru Hull Fitting Bracket

These brackets are made to redirect the way people mount thru-hull fittings for their live wells & bilge pumps so no need for additional holes drilled in your transom for pump outs.

  • Helps preventĀ backfill in your boat that happens in old-style thru-hull setups.
  • Can visibly confirm water ejection from the fittings
  • Avoid having to run bilge hose through compartments to the side of the boat.
  • Come in 1, 2 or 3-hole bracket designs
  • Can be mounted anywhere toward the back of the boat.
  • Works well with flow-rite fittings & most 3/4" thru-hull fittings or nozzles
  • Order one sizeĀ larger to have a convenient storage spot for your boat's drain plug

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Customer Reviews

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Jerry Thompson
Thru-Hull Brackets for 3/4" thru-hull fitting

This bracket was a life saver. The fitting in my boat was unreachable to replace or repair without cutting a 5ā€ hole in my deck and dugout all the foam insulation. The dealer quoted about $500 worth of labor and parts. I decided to reroute the location to the top of the transom and mount this bracket. The bracket, hose fitting, 2 brass 90 degree fittings, 4 hose clamps, and the $4 90 degree thru hull fitting from Bass Pro. Cut a 1 1/4ā€ how in the bilge access cover and put it together. It looks neat and professional and works great.

Will work well.

If I donā€™t have to drill holes through my hull, I wonā€™t. This gives me a more solid mount than shoving a hose through the stern grab handle.