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ProNav - GPS Trolling Motor Conversion Kit

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Turn Your MinnKota PowerDrive into a feature packed GPS Spot Lock Trolling Motor in just minutes!

The ProNav‚ĄĘ Angleroffers a feature set unmatched by any single product on the market today, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a professional level autopilot and navigation system. The Angler is designed specifically for fishing and is loaded with features that fishermen will appreciate.

  • Create and follow routes on the fly
  • Use your motor as an anchor
  • Share and store anchor points and routes
  • Plan or modify routes both on and off the water
  • Track your trip on your mobile device
  • Access your data from multiple devices
  • Cellular service not required to operate, full functionality off the grid

3 System Options:

ProNav Angler- GPS Autopilot System + Phone App Control Only   

ProNav Motion Bundle- GPS Autopilot System with Phone App Control + Standalone Remote Control

ProNav LEGACY Upgrade Kit (Pre-2007 Powerdrives) - ProNav Angler GPS Autopilot System, PowerDrive Control Board Upgrade, Foot Pedal Connector Upgrade so you can keep your existing foot pedal.                                


Routes ‚ÄstCreate, edit, and save an unlimited number of routes in seconds.

Anchor ‚ÄstOne touch anchoring to hold your location.

Vector Lock¬†‚Äď Set a GPS or Compass lock to start moving straight across the water.

Drive Button¬†‚Äď The Drive‚ĄĘ button can be used to jog your anchor location or change your heading by simply pointing the controller in the direction you want to go and pressing the button.


One-Year¬†Satisfaction Guarantee‚Äč
We‚Äôre¬†so confident that using a¬†ProNav¬†System will improve your fishing experience we will extend¬†your¬†return window to receive a full refund to one full year! If for any¬†reason¬†you are¬†not completely satisfied with your purchase within one year we will buy it back!¬† Registration within 30 days of purchase is required. Satisfaction guarantee is¬†applicable to the¬†ProNav¬†Angler and¬†ProNav¬†Angler Motion products only (excludes all other¬†ProNav¬†or third-party manufactured parts¬†and accessories).¬†¬†‚Äč

Return Policy‚Äč
If for any reason¬†you are¬†not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any¬†ProNav¬†manufactured items within 30¬†days of receipt.¬†We will¬†gladly provide a full refund of purchase price, excluding shipping if applicable.¬†‚Äč

** IMPORTANT NOTE‚ÄďThird-party products available for purchase through¬†ProNav¬†Marine, specifically¬†Minn¬†Kota Motors¬†and¬†Accessories,¬†are¬†NOT¬†covered under the¬†ProNav¬†Return Policy or Satisfaction Guarantee and¬†are NOT¬†subject¬†to¬†ProNav‚Äôs¬†Limited Warranty. All¬†third-party products are¬†supplied and shipped through an independent¬†Minn¬†Kota dealer and¬†are subject to the terms and¬†conditions of this supplier for all returns and¬†exchanges.

ProNav¬†Limited Warranty‚Äč
All¬†ProNav¬†manufactured products are warrantied against defects for 2 years. If you have any problem with your¬†ProNav¬†system,¬†contact us.¬†We‚Äôll¬†go out of our way to make it right!¬†‚Äč

Customer Reviews

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Harrison Coulter
ProNav - GPS

The ProNav unit has completely changed fishing for me. For so long I have wanted a way to have spot lock (anchor mode) and a way to run routes without touching any steering whatsoever. This allows you to have that. If you are trolling baits behind your boat and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a brand matched trolling motor this is an absolute must. If you have have basic livescope or down imaging and you find a spot you want to sit on, this will do it! It took me 15 minutes to install it and I will never look back.