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Power House 24v Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

24 volts of continuous power from high-quality materials assembled in the USA and backed with 15-year limited warranty!

Ideal for 24v trolling motors requiring light-weight setups and a more consistent flow of power over a long day's fishing.  Unlike Lead acid & AGM batteries, these batteries do not drop voltage over time of use during the day. The voltage will remain consistent until the battery is depleted. 

Weight: 32.1 Lbs. 

Dimensions: 13"x 6.8" x8.4"

Group Size: 31

Amp Hours: 60

Operating Temperature (F): -4-140℉

NOT RECOMMENDED AS A STARTER BATTERY(Check your outboard manufacturers list of outboard engines that are lithium-compatible)

24v Lithium Batteries require a dedicated 24v charger. Do not attempt to charge 24v batteries with a 12v charger. Click here for 24v chargers

Customer Reviews

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First of all, TBNation is a knowledgeable and delight to work with.
Love the Power House LiFePO4 Batteries!!! I will definitely be making my next purchase there for a second 24V to parallel my first.
Thank you, for the phone time for Q&A!