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Pond Monster Plastic Boat Kits

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to our busy season, these lids may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered from time of order:


The Skinney:
These lid kits are the lightest, most economic option - specifically made to drop directly into wooden decking (See attached video). These kits were designed with the Pond Prowler series in mind, but will convert over to any small Jon boat/ V-hull and other plastic watercraft. The idea behind these kits is universal for anyone aiming to make the most out of their small fishing craft.  Please be sure you know and understand the weight capacity limits for your craft before installing this kit to ensure proper safety.  Wooden deck not included.

PLEASE NOTE: The Monster kit will not fit the 8 foot Pond Prowler 8. The Monster kit is specifically for the Pond Prowler 10.
Starter Kit:
- One 12"x16" Ultra lite drop-in dry lid
- One 8"x48"  Ultra lite drop-in dry lid. 
Pro Kit:
- Two 12"x16" Ultra lite drop-in dry lids
- Two 8"x48"  Ultra lite drop-in dry lids
Monster Kit: (for boats 10ft or bigger)

- Three 12"x16" Ultra lite drop-in dry lids
- Two 8"x48"  Ultra lite drop-in dry lids    
- One 10"x24" Ultra lite drop-in dry lid.         
Lid specs(for all lids)
Lid: .063 5052 Marine-Grade Aluminum
Lid track: .090 6061 Structural-Grade Aluminum


Itemized Framing List:

10 sticks (6') -  1.5" Angle

10 sticks (6') - 1" Angle

10 sticks (6') - 3/4" tubing

100 - Standard Rivets

500 - Countersink Rivets

25 - 1" Rivets

Pedestal Mounts sold separately.