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Offset Hinges

The preferred hinge choice for wooden deck systems to allow for seamless finish and hinge operations. Marine Grade Aluminum

1/2" Offset hinge is bent from 3" piano

5/8, 3/4 and 1" are bent from 4" piano

FOR 1/2" PLYWOOD - Get a 3/4" Offset hinge

FOR 3/4" PLYWOOD - Get a 1" Offset hinge

Measurements are made from the 90 Degree bend up to the TOP of the Knuckle as shown in photo


  • 1/2"- 36" sections
  • 5/8"- 72" sections
  • 3/4"- 72" sections
  • 1"- 72" sections

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Double offset piano hinge.

Worked great for my needs, which were not boat-related. I used the hinge to make a homemade sheet metal brake. The double offset configuration greatly simplified making that tool.

Clayton Dankworth
Great service

Great quality hinges and fast shipping

Ralph Muccilli
Great Service

I ordered 1 hinge for my project in error as I mis calculated. So after gettingnthe 1st hinge, I ordered a second.
Both took a few days each to arrive.
The hinges were just what I needed and thanks to the chart on the web site I git the size I needed for my lids.

Tad Earhart

Good hinges and was exactly what I was looking for. Ordered the 5/8" so the top of the hinge would be slightly below surface of the 3/4" plywood I was using and it works fine. I am covering the wood with bed liner so I could not have the hinge stick above the wood and use carpet or deck foam to bring it back to level. The 3/4" would have probably worked just as well but the top of the hinge may have been slightly above the surface of the wood.

Just what I needed thank you TBN

This hing was perfect. High quality