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Flow-Rite Livewell Systems

Flow-Rite Livewell Pump Kit - Premium Set


The complete livewell kit used by OEM Boat Manufacturers to keep your fish alive for weigh-in! 

Open up the Box, follow our tutorial video, and you'll have a pro-level livewell set up in a couple of hours. 

Comes standard with a Rule or Tsunami 800gph 12v pump, 12 feet of 3/4” hose, 6 feet of 1 1/8” OEM Marine Grade reinforced hose. All necessary patented Quick-lok connectors, clamps, thru-hulls, strainers, pro timer with built-in dual position switch, remote actuator, and cables!
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Flow-rite kit orders placed will take up to 7 business days to build and ship
  • Pump-out/Aerator Combo 
  • System 3 Valve
  • Livewell Remote Cable
  • Livewell Remote Actuator, Number 3 (recirc, empty, auto) 
  • Adapter, Female: 3/4” Qwik-Lok, Straight 
  • 3/4” Elbow, Qwik-Lok Drain Fitting w/ screen threads 
  • Qwik-Lok Socket Elbow 3.4” 90 degree,
  • Qwik-Lok Socket - Straight (x8)
  • Strainer, 3/4” small, Snap-in  (x1)
  • Stainer, 3/4” small, Screw-On  (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 3/4” Elbow, w/ Flange & Nut, black, Qwik Lok   (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 3/4” Straight/ Flange & Nut, Black, Qwik Lok  (x2)
  • Socket, 1 1/8” Qwik Lok, Elbow, (x1)
  • Socket, 1 1/8” Straight, Quik-Lok (x2)
  • Thru-hull, 1 1/8”, Elbow w/ Double Nut, Blk, Qwik-Lok (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 1 1/8” Straight, Blk, Qwik-Lok (x1)
  • Hose, 3/4”  (12ft)
  • Hose, 1 1/8” (6ft)
  • Rule Or Tsunami Livewell Pump: 800 GPH Straight
  • Livewell Pro Timer 

The preferred Livewell Kit for Jon Boats

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