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Flow-Rite Livewell Pump Kit - Premium Set

The complete livewell kit used by OEM Boat Manufacturers to keep your fish alive for weigh-in! 

Open up the Box, follow our tutorial video, and you'll have a pro-level livewell set up in a couple of hours. 

Comes standard with a Rule or Tsunami 800gph 12v pump, 12 feet of 3/4” hose, 6 feet of 1 1/8” OEM Marine Grade reinforced hose. All necessary patented Quick-lok connectors, clamps, thru-hulls, strainers, pro timer with built-in dual position switch, remote actuator, and cables!
Includes FREE FedEx Shipping 
  • Pump-out/Aerator Combo 
  • System 3 Valve | Forward Facing (Send email to support&TBNation.net if you need rear-facing).
  • Livewell Remote Cable
  • Livewell Remote Actuator, Number 3 (recirc, empty, auto) 
  • Adapter, Female: 3/4” Qwik-Lok, Straight 
  • 3/4” Elbow, Qwik-Lok Drain Fitting w/ screen threads 
  • Qwik-Lok Socket Elbow 3.4” 90 degree,
  • Qwik-Lok Socket - Straight (x8)
  • Strainer, 3/4” small, Snap-in  (x1)
  • Stainer, 3/4” small, Screw-On  (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 3/4” Elbow, w/ Flange & Nut, black, Qwik Lok   (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 3/4” Straight/ Flange & Nut, Black, Qwik Lok  (x2)
  • Socket, 1 1/8” Qwik Lok, Elbow, (x1)
  • Socket, 1 1/8” Straight, Quik-Lok (x2)
  • Thru-hull, 1 1/8”, Elbow w/ Double Nut, Blk, Qwik-Lok (x1)
  • Thru-hull, 1 1/8” Straight, Blk, Qwik-Lok (x1)
  • Hose, 3/4”  (18ft)
  • Hose, 1 1/8” (8ft)
  • Rule Or Tsunami Livewell Pump: 800 GPH Straight
  • Livewell Pro Timer 

The preferred Livewell Kit for Jon Boats

*For questions, you may contact our TBN Tech Line at ‪(309) 323-8994‬

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Doug A.
Best Livewell Products on the Market

Everything needed in one kit, bought early in my build to prefab the layout and verify enough connectivity and hose lengths. More than enough fittings and hose to retrofit and reuse the factory livewell on my Tracker rebuild project.

Excellent kit

Has everything needed. For my install it was short on 3/4” hose, I used a section of 3/4” liquid tight and hose clamps for the pump out. Other than that it was perfect. Would be nice if it came with 3M 5200 also, but can’t expect everything. The quick connects are sweet

Les Eliot
Les Eliot

Shipped in time thank you had a change in plans parcel will arrive from Buffalo this coming Monday will let you know next week. Also any chance you can find a 1 1/8 female adapter to1 1/8 drain hose

Jeff Woody

This was extremely easy to install

Seth Simmons
Great product just one small issues and part of my fault

Product is great and works as it is intended the only issue I had was on the toggle cover for the time with it being plastic and thinner on the bottom I broke a section out trying to get the toggle out after I installed it to hook up the wires but again that was part my fault over all its a great product and would use again