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EPropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus 3HP Electric Outboard Motor

Portable and Long-Range Electric Outboard Motor

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The SPIRIT 1.0 Plus by e-Propulsion is the latest and greatest that technology has to offer for an electric boat motor. Free from exhaust or oil and offered as a clean and efficient alternative to gasoline outboards. This electric outboard motor outputs 550 watts of propulsive power making it equivalent to a 3HP gas outboard and ideal for electric only bass boat builds for fishing North Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey and other areas of the country requiring high-performance elite electric outboards. Works great on tenders, dinghies, and sailboats as well.

The 1,276Wh lithium-polymer battery used to power the motor allows for double the run time and charges within 7 hours. The SPIRIT 1.0 Plus is offered in three different shaft lengths and a patented clamp for maximum stability, making it compatible with most watercraft. The brushless DC motor requires minimal maintenance while offering supreme durability, efficiency, and power for any trip. With a gear-free design, you can finally enjoy nature as it was intended, in peace and quiet. All of these components and features make the SPIRIT 1.0 Plus a great option to use for fishing or short roundabout trips. With a detachable battery and foldable tiller, this electric boat motor is highly portable and easy for anyone to carry.

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Please scroll down to view potential run times and see what shaft length is recommended for your vessel! 


  • 1st Box (43" x 20" x 12")
    • SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard Motor with Tiller Control
    • 2 Blade High-Performance Propeller
    • Standard Battery Charger Included with Motor
  • 2nd Box (20" x 14" x 12") OPTIONAL
    • 1,276Wh Lithium Polymer Battery 
    • Must select "with Spirit Battery" Pack to include Battery System



    It is imperative to accurately measure the transom mount height for an Epropulsion outboard. Having the wrong measurement for the shaft length can drastically affect the performance of the outboard. If the measurement taken is too short for the transom mount, the propeller will not sit deep enough in the water. When the propeller does not sit deep enough in the water it will cavitate and decrease efficiency. If the measurement taken is too long for the transom mount, the propeller will sit too deep into the water. When a propeller sits too low behind a boat, it will have increased water resistance and reduced speeds.


      Spirit 1.0 Plus
    Power 1 kW (3HP equivalent)
    Input Voltage 39V – 60V
    Standard Battery Spirit Battery Plus, 1276 Wh li-ion polymer
    Motor Weight* 10.6 kg / 23.4 lbs
    Battery Weight 8.7 kg / 19.2 lbs
    Charging Time Standard charger: 8.5 Hrs Fast charger: 3.5 Hrs
    External Battery Yes, and E-Series Battery recommended
    Propeller 11″ × 5.8″ 2-blade composite propeller
    Trim / Tilt Angle 0°, 7°, 14°, 21° / 70°
    Shaft Length Extra Short, Short, Long
    Motor Brushless DC motor
    Direct Drive Yes
    Maintenance-Free Yes


    How to Find Your Shaft Length

    If you are looking for an ePropulsion electric outboard for your boat, choosing the correct shaft length is important. 

    *NOTE* TAKACAT, Aircat, Bris and other Fully Inflatable Catamarans require the SHORT Shaft - due to shallow transom depth in the water. 

    Please note that ePropulsion has a different shaft length measurement from gas-powered outboards. For electric outboards, the shaft length is measured from the top of the clamp bracket to the center of the propeller. For gas outboards, it’s measured from the top of the clamp bracket to the anti-ventilation plate.

    As you can see, our XS is close to S from Mercury. Our S is close to L from Mercury. Our L is longer than L from Mercury. See below.

    To find the suitable shaft length, the principle is to make sure the top of the propeller is matched to the lowest point of the transom. In order to get the right shaft length, first, measure the transom height, the length from the top of the boat transom to the bottom of the boat.

    After that, you could choose the recommended shaft length based according to the transom height.

    For most small dinghies and aluminum boats under 15ft, extra short shaft and short will work, depending on the transom height, some over 15.7 inches, some not.

    For boats with the transom height higher than 50 cm / 19.7 inches, a long shaft version is more suitable. For daysailers, sports boats and other sailing boats it’s best to measure the distance from the water line to the top of your outboard mount.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 74 reviews
    lee harris
    The difference is Quality!!!

    Bought the Spirit 1.0 plus to replace 2 Minn Kota 55 lb. thrust moters on the back of my 14/48 ft. Modified V Alumicraft jon boat.
    I did this at the hope of doubling my speed from 3 miles per hr. to maybe 6 mph. My 14 ft. is wider with clip on bench seats. Haven't hit 6mph yet but its in the high 5's & I'm totally happy with that!!! Also run time up here in Maryland's reservoirs is amazing!!!
    Running at 500 watts ( half of full throttle) I can go from 1 hr 15 min. to over 3 hrs!!! Amazing and im still running faster than i was before!!!
    One of the best parts of this motor has to be the QUALITY of the motor.
    It just not only looks quality, but it just feels quality from the prop to the handle itself!!! Well made!@$!
    Sum it up, I love this toy!!!
    Lee Harris,
    Parkville, Maryland

    David K
    ePropulsion Spirt 1+

    Just right for my small Hotwoods 612 pontoon. Increase max speed from 2.6mph with Traxxis 55 lb thrust trolling motor to over 4 mph. quadrupled run time at 80% throttle from 45 min to over 2 hours.

    Jim Stevenson
    It works

    No muss, no fuss. I just works!

    Frank Gambone

    This motor is worth every penny . I love it. Would strongly recommend it.

    Exceeding all expectations

    I live on an island in Puget Sound where currents from tidal exchanges can be substantial and there is always a breeze. I have a 16' rowboat and frequently a pleasant day of rowing ends with a slog back to port against the current or the wind...often both. The Spirit 1.0 provides me with the comfort and assurance of a safe return. It silently pushes my boat - with a total displacement of 650 pounds - at a speed of 3 knots while only expending about 130 watts. Truly fabulous.