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Nate's Dry Hatches - Pre-Built


Pre-Built Welded Dry Hatches with Waterproof Drainage System from Nate's Custom Boats

Includes Pre-assembled hinge and welded lid. Just drop in your deck and rivet or screw it down for a strong, flex free, and waterproof dry hatch system. Strong, lightweight, and easy to install. Get your boat build finished in no time! 

Countersink rivets are suggested to attach the track system to the deck framing, these are not included.

Carpet Lids will not come prebuilt - You need to add the track system to your framing, apply the decking, carpet the decking and the track system as one. Carpet the lids separately, then attach the hing to the lid then the track system using provided countersink rivets.

Dimensions on Latches are the hole-in-deck dimension.

Inside dry track lip diameter is 2" less, outer mounting lip is 3" more

Rod Locker sizes - 12x48", 12x56", 16x48"

Back Hatch - 14x42"

Can be customized for Carpeting or EVA Foam Applications - Please choose which application you will be applying.

All Lids come standard with the hinge on Long side, you can select the short side hinge option as well. 

EVA Foam- Hole should be 1/8" bigger than posted size all the way around.

Carpet- Hole should be 1/4" bigger than posted size all the way around.

Contact us for Custom Lid sizes.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

Hand Welded to Order by Nate's Custom Boats in Illinois, USA. 

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