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Ancor Wiring

Marine Grade Wiring & Connectors

How to read/break down the labeling and find what's right for you:

  • Example: "6-2 AWG" =  6 gauge, 2-strand (duplex) wire.
  • Example: "12-4 AWG" =  12 gauge, 3-strand (triplex) wire.
  • The amount varies from 25, 50, 100 & 200+ft spools. 

the higher the number, the smaller the gauge/size wire (AWG). 

  • Wiring for accessories generally consists between 16 - 10 AWG wire.
  • for trolling motors, 8AWG and up: Most prefer 6AWG or higher. 
  • Be sure to research the recommended wiring size for your applications. 

For Tutorial videos on wiring, please click on our ^Tutorial's page,^ or visit our Youtube channel. Thanks!