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Orthodek Custom Foam Template DIY Kit

The Skinney: This kit is allows for you to trace all areas of your boat that you would like custom EVA foam boat flooring & decking for.  This system allows you to get and install your own personal custom EVA foam decking & flooring without having to take it to a professional boat shot. It cuts down overall costs and is easy to do.

How it works:
* Overlay the dura sheets on the desired area
* Trace the area on the sheet with the marker
* Mark all measurements (Length, width, height) of each panel/section you trace
* Include any latch holes or exposed hinge areas.
* Send the traced dura sheet to Orthodek. They will correspond with test-fit sheets to see if the design works, or needs re-work. 
* Once both you and Orthodek approve the final design, it gets sent directly to you for install. 

Kit comes with instructional booklet with everything needed. 
*For questions, you may contact our TBN Tech Line at ‪(309) 323-8994‬