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MAGNUM XL Lipless Cranks

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MAG XL Lipless Crankbaits 

Custom Built by Mike Lopez

The Skinney: The best kept secret for targeting HUGE predatory fish in fresh water, and your personal ticket to catching your next PB. These baits accomplish the same task as similar sized swimbaits but cast farther, are easier to work with, less problematic & look more natural due to less moving parts.  They can be slow-rolled, vertically jigged or even trolled.  Arguably just as - if not more - effective than any large bait that is made to fish deep.

NOTE: We only use one 4X treble in the front given that all fish catches during testing were via headshot, making it very easy to grab the bait from top and pull the fish in without a net.

*Weight: 5oz 
*SIZE 7.25" long | 10" long with trailer

*Swivel - 90lb Barrel
*Hooks - VMC 4X 2/O Treble
* Back Trailer (optional)