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36V 50AH Marine Lithium Battery For Trolling Motors - Bluetooth and Heating Feature

36V 50AH Lithium Trolling Battery

The Epoch marine battery is meticulously crafted to deliver consistent power output and dependable performance over extended usage periods, thanks to its advanced LiFePO4 technology. Its robust IP67-rated construction, combined with an internal heating system, ensures peak performance even in the harshest environments.

Equipped with an onboard battery management system featuring a range of safety and performance enhancements, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, this battery offers users a comprehensive experience. When paired with the Epoch Batteries app, available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store, users gain access to real-time monitoring, product manuals, and a plethora of valuable information.

Furthermore, our marine batteries leverage LiFePO4 chemistry to guarantee maximum stability, rapid charging, reduced weight, constant voltage output, an extended cycle life, and maintenance-free usage.

Designed For 36v Applications

  • Trolling Motors
  • Fish Finders, Flashers & Boating Accessories
  • Marine Applications
  • Seakeaper & Marine Stabilization
  • Ice Fishing
  • Fishing Boats
  • Houseboats
  • Mobile Power
  • Deep Cycle Applications Only, Not For Starting Gasoline Engines

Epoch Lifepo4 Technology

Epoch Batteries takes great pride in offering our customers the highest-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries specially designed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry. These batteries provide unparalleled performance, safety, and longevity.

One of the standout advantages of our LiFePO4 batteries lies in their exceptional safety features. Equipped with built-in protection circuits, our batteries effectively prevent overcharging and over-discharging, significantly reducing the risk of fires or explosions. Additionally, their high thermal stability enables them to endure high temperatures without igniting, making them an ideal choice for safety-conscious marine applications.

Another notable benefit of our LiFePO4 batteries is their impressive lifespan. With a cycle life of up to 3,500 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge, they surpass the longevity of traditional lead-acid batteries and other lithium-ion counterparts. This translates to less frequent replacements, ultimately saving our customers both time and money in the long term.

Furthermore, our LiFePO4 batteries boast a superior energy density compared to lead-acid batteries, allowing them to store more energy within a smaller footprint. This feature proves invaluable in marine settings where space constraints are common. Moreover, their reduced weight simplifies handling and installation.

These batteries also offer a wider operating temperature range than lead-acid alternatives, making them versatile across various environments. Their ability to be discharged to lower levels without harm enhances efficiency, making them highly efficient for marine applications.

When it comes to charging, our LiFePO4 batteries excel with their faster charging times compared to lead-acid counterparts. This rapid recharge capability means they can be utilized more frequently, ensuring minimal downtime. Additionally, their low self-discharge rate means they can be stored for extended periods without losing their charge, a crucial feature for marine applications where the battery may not be in constant use.

At Epoch Batteries, our commitment to providing top-notch products and services is unwavering. We firmly believe that our LiFePO4 batteries are the optimal choice for marine applications and back them with a comprehensive warranty to offer our customers peace of mind.

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