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Electric Outboard Motor

This cutting-edge product offers a unique blend of features that set it apart from the competition. Its highly integrated design ensures that all components work seamlessly together, creating a unified and streamlined experience. With remarkable efficiency and power, it tackles with remarkable speed and precision, making it a dependable motor for demanding users. 
Minimum 5,000 hours of service life**
Corrosion protection
A safe and reliable 96V electrical platform complying with IEC standards.
Waterproof IP67
User Experience Par Excellence
Enhanced safety and control are provided by features like "Position Hold" and "Heading Hold," along with "360 Motions." Stay tuned for even more exciting features in the pipeline for the future.
Position Hold
Heading Hold
360 Motions
Compact & Fully Integrated Design
Optimizing the valuable stern space for a multitude of activities without the need for additional steering. Cleverly combines the electric steering, power trim/tilt, electric control unit (ECU), and motor controller into one unified unit.
40 kWof continuous power.
20% lessweight than its conventional equivalent*.
88.2% totalpowertrain efficiency (excluding propeller).
1012.6 / 7.84:0050.4 / 31.3
2015.4 / 9.62:0030.8 / 19.1
4035.9 / 22.31:0035.9 / 22.3
* The performance data is based on a 20-foot V hull aluminum boat with two persons (130kg), powered by one X40 with four G102-100 batteries (total boat weight 1030kg), in calm lake water.
Smart System Architecture (eSSA)
eSSA simplifies and ensures a hassle-free setup for the X40 propulsion system, guaranteeing a smooth experience. Its modular design makes it easy and secure to connect various components and enables seamless integration with renewable energy sources, elevating the sustainability of your boating adventure.
A comprehensive range of accessories:
  • Smart Throttle
  • Digital Helm 
  • Smart Display 5″ 
  • Smart Display 10″ 
  • Propellers for different speeds or conditions 
  • G102-100 Battery 
  • MPPT 
  • Solar Charger Controller 
  • DC-DC 
  • Battery Chargers with different power capacities
The G102-100 battery has been meticulously engineered for complete compatibility with your 96V 40kW X40 electric outboard motor.
  • Fully Compatible with X40 electric outboard motor
  • Safe and Reliable 
  • High Energy Density
  • Long Life Cycle
Environmental Impact
The X40 operates as a zero-emission system, estimated to conserve 18.9 liters of gasoline and curtail CO2 emissions by 43.5 kg per hour when compared to a conventional 60 hp combustion engine.
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Less Vibration
  • Emission Free
Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Excellence
By integrating frequency resonance isolation and vibration dampening technology, the X40 maintains a noise level of under 73dBA, akin to that of an office environment, enabling users to immerse themselves in the serenity of their surroundings.
The integrated ePropulsion Connectivity Service ensures you stay connected to your boat's live status, offering advanced monitoring, reporting, and trip tracking features.
Motor Weight (excluding control)99 kg (218.3 lbs)101.5 kg (223.8 lbs)
Shaft Length508 mm (20”)635 mm (25”)
Dimensions (L x W x H)757 x 360 x 1233 mm (29.8 x 14.2 x 48.5”)757 x 360 x 1360 mm (29.8 x 14.2 x 53.5”)
Input Power40 kW40 kW
Nominal Voltage96 VDC96 VDC
Cooling SystemClosed loop liquid coolingClosed loop liquid cooling
Rated RPM1500 to 21001500 to 2100
Trim and TiltPower trim/tiltPower trim/tilt
Trim / Tilt Angle-4° to 61°-4° to 61°
SteeringIntegrated electric steeringIntegrated electric steering
Steering Angle±45°±45°
Propeller15” x 10 3/4” propeller (available in L&R rotation) 13 3/8” x 16 3/4″ propeller (available in L&R rotation)15” x 10 3/4” propeller (available in L&R rotation) 13 3/8” x 16 3/4″ propeller (available in L&R rotation)