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EPropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus Chargers

*** All Types of Spirit 1.0 Chargers Available ***

Spirit 1.0 Plus Standard Charger:

The standard plug-in wall charger already comes with your Spirit 1.0 Motor.

  • 180 watts standard charger for Spirit Battery Plus.
  • Max output power: 180W
  • Max output voltage (DC): 52.2V
  • Output current: 3.5A
  • Input voltage (AC): 100V ~ 264V
  • Max input current: 2A@220V

Spirit 1.0 Plus 12V Charger:

12V Battery Gator Clamps and Cigarette Lighter trickle charging source

  • 70 watts DC / DC charger, allowing the Spirit 1.0 Plus Battery to be charged from a 10 V ~ 30 V power source.
  • Input power: 70 W
  • Input voltage (DC): 10 – 30 V
  • Max input current: 7 A
  • Charge voltage: 30 V ~ 52.2 V
  • Constant current output: 1 A
  • Conversion rate: > 88%
  • Dimensions: 116 × 52 × 33.8 mm / 4.6 × 2 × 1.3 inch

Spirit 1.0 Solar Charger:


  • 180 watts solar charger, allowing the Spirit Battery Plus to be charged with solar energy (solar panel excluded). A 0.5m 12V input cable is included. We reccomend using a 150-180W RENOGY Solar Panel with this charger.
  • Max output power: 180W
  • Max output voltage: 35V
  • Max input current: 10A
  • MPPT tracking range: 12V ~ 35V

Spirit 1.0 Plus Fast Charger: 

  • 520 watts charger, taking 3 hours to charge a Spirit Battery Plus from empty to full. Inputvoltage (AC): 100 ~ 240 V.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cris Revaz

Havent opened the box yet

sherri moore
Experience good so far

Quality is good. Getting parts is a little painful. I need the screw pins that mount the motor to the transom. Wish they had retailers in Hawaii because I want to buy the pod and the whole system of batteries. Can’t mail lithium. Hopefully the safer sodium batteries will be offered soon. Anyway… The outboard motor on our dingy is so quiet it seems like we aren’t even moving. Then all of a sudden we appear at our destination.

Francisco Ragsac
My First Outboard Motor

The boat is a Highfield 280AL RU model. Performed well in the last two excursions - first in 15 knot winds and the other in a calm Elizabeth River. Lightweight and best of all, no noise and no smell of smoke from the engine. Charging took a little while. I have not the chance to charge via DC. Time will tell if it is durable.

David Turner

No gas, lightweight, and simple to use. Plus, the battery floats! Haven't tested that, but this EPropusion Spirit 1.0 is pure genius. The Tiny Boat Nation deal was amazing too.

David Beattie
Easy to operate.

Used our new EPropulsion Spirit with a Takacat 300 LX. Perfect pairing. Easy to set up and use. Quick and responsive as a dinghy motor. Cannot comment on longevity. But ease of use and performance out of the box is stellar.