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Power House 16v Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

PowerHouse 16v Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

Will work with Garmin, Humminbird and Lowrance advanced UHD fish finders & live imaging units.

Clean dedicated power to your boat's electronics. Get better clarity out of your graphs,  enhanced signal strength and run 20% more efficient than 12v systems. Your run time will be 20% longer on a single charge. Reduced amperage means cooler units and longer life. Constantly monitor your battery with Industry leading Smart Battery Technology Blue Tooth. You will also be able to make changes to your battery to give you optimal performance all day. 

16v Lithium Batteries require a dedicated 16v charger. Do not attempt to charge 16v batteries with a 12v charger. Click here for 16v chargers


 AH Size (shape of battery)


48 Group 20


60 Group 25 20.9lbs
80 Group 31  27.9lbs
100 Group 5d 34.3lbs