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AUTOBOAT GPS Pro Anchor System - for 12V Minn Kota 30-55 Lb Trolling Motors or similar

Empowering the Everyday Angler with Full GPS and Anchoring Trolling Motor Capability


Introducing the AUTOBOAT Pro System - a cutting-edge, drop-in marine navigation system designed to deliver auto-pilot GPS features to basic transom-mount Minn Kota & Newport Vessels trolling motors. This unit's marine-grade construction is built to withstand the harshest marine environments, installs in minutes and is easy to use. Tried and tested as the #1 Trolling Motor Accessory in South America for the past 3 years, now available in the United States!

  • Will work on the following transom-mount trolling motors:
    • MinnKota Endura C2 12V
    • MinnKota 12V Vintage Transoms
    • MinnKota Riptide/Endura Transom 12V (No Digital Maximizer - see below)
    • Newport Vessels NV Series 12V
    • Newport Vessels Kayak Series 12V
    • GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor
    • Pro Controll Trolling Motors
  • Pro System Control Box - Precision electronics, PWM switching system, all-aluminum construction with heat-dissipating design.
  • Remote Control - 8-speed remote control with RF wave system with a range of 100 m (Over 300ft).
  • Auto Boat Pro Mobile APP - Control your trolling motor and map out your fishing routes with the AutoBoat Phone App for both Apple and Android functionality - to download the free app click here.
  • Depth regulator - High-resistance nylon gear coupler that locks into the AutoDrive motor, sets motor depth, and steers the unit.
  • AutoDrive Unit - mechanical coupling system with high resistance nylon gears with floating sliding system.
  • GPS - Satellite GPS system allows for spot-lock anchoring, nav lock heading and more - all the features of the professional grade MinnKota Ultrex, PowerDrive and Motorguide Xi3/Xi5 Trolling Motors packed into your economical trolling motor.
  • Marine-Grade - Made to withstand the adversities of a marine environment with IP67 Waterproofing.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty backed by our AutoBoat USA service center in Oxford, GA

For questions please visit AutoBoat's FAQs page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Fred Clark

I’ve had this in my head for 10 years, and someone finally made it. I’m using it with a transom mounted Minn Kota 40lb thrust motor on a 10 foot Sea Eagle. Still working out transom mode and anchor mode, but for now using full reverse on the motor seems to solve it. While we were testing I picked up my first big walleye of the year, so a good sign. Well worth the investment, and has made my boat much more useable. Highly recommended.

Dr. Luke The Duke
AUTOBOAT system review

This is precisely what we were looking for - a remote control with a 12 v trolling motor for our small boat! Check out my video!

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Darell Murray
Amazed :) This will make You Smile:)

Trully Amazing beyond the Sweetest GPS controlled Pro All in the palm of Your Hand:) It will literally make You Grin like a Little Boy or Girl at Christmas each time You use it:) It’s just that simple to use , yet the Engineering of it is mind blowing , keeps you asking yourself how do I have To Rocket Science in my hand:) To push your yak off by itself & Propel & Steer it around the cove rite in front of You & then bring it back to get in & take off , Wow is all I can say, because for this small investment now You have what the big high dollar bass boats have that have spent Thousands !! First time out I didn’t take time to set the GPS Anchor mode, just to Excited:) Went rite to sit above a hidden brush pile & in the small amount of wind I just pushed the lower speed button to where it held me perfectly in place with the prop just barely moving it was incredible to set the with my jig straight down & proceeded to take 8 crappies in 5 mins :) I was amazed how they have allowed it to have 5 more speeds & the Bueaty for Me was on the lowest speeds so slow allowing me to pick apart a brush pile or to drift along the seedbed as I fish it:) I can tell you can’t wait to try the new way for each time setting the GPS Anchor mode up as shows these Folks are listening & doing all they can to bring about the Best Anchor System for Us All:) Thank You To All the Folks Involved in making Us All Smile:) Lords Bless & We are better fishermen because of what Y’all have done:)

Tommie Hennard
Works great so far

I've taken it out twice now...once on a relatively small pond and once on the Trinity River in Ft. Worth. With a Newport NV 55 lb thrust trolling motor, I could run my Bonafide PWR 129 and tow my wife's Jackson Bite Rec upstream and against a stiff wind easily at the #7 setting. I was really happy with the cruise feature and anchor lock and the "N" button, which holds a heading, works great (when you're not towing your wife!). Early days, of course, but it seems to work exactly as advertised and allows me all the functionality of a GPS Motorguide with an overall cost (Autoboat + trolling motor) of about what a non-GPS Motorguide costs.


I received my AUTOBOAT package a little over a week ago and was able to take it on its maiden voyage on Monday...it was a fantastic experience. I understand this is a new product and as such I was fully expecting to use my thinking cap to address unforeseen hiccups; well I am delighted to report that this thing is well put together. The installation was a breeze and the app worked flawlessly. My only negative was the included remote. Unfortunately, I had to reach out to TBN, to get instructions on how to pair the remote to the control unit. This information may have been included, however, I did not see it. Customer service, (Mike) did reach out via text and gave me straight forward instructions that worked.
In conclusion I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend one to anyone who wants to step up the functionality of their small boat or kayak.