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JumpSeat - Drop-In Stowable Seat


Few-Man Boats Signature DIY Drop-in Stowable Seat

Comfortable seating that stows away flush mounted to maximize fishable deck space. Sold as a single unit with the option for either throwable PFD cushions (red or blue) or premium marine cushions (charcoal, mud, or camo) with plain vinyl backrest cushion and roll n' pleated main seat cushion.

Easy to install--requires an opening that is 22-1/2” length (across front/opening side of seat) x 19-1/2” width (from front to back of seat) x 6-1/2” height (depth of seat box). After opening is prepped jumpseat is dropped in and the 1-1/2" outside flanges are riveted/screwed into the existing/prepared framework/decking. Finally a cinch strap is attached from lid top to front face of seat to prevent lid from opening when it is being walked on. 

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Proudly developed, built, and tested by FewMan Boats in Rockford, IL

Purchaser assumes all risk of installation and use <> 30-Day return policy

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